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Toner Quinn
<< September/October 2004 : Volume 4, Number 5 >>

There are so many different lines of musical questioning taken in this issue that it would be unwise of me to try and summarise them or somehow join up the ideas as an introduction. How, for example, would I bind the megalomania of Schoenberg and the trials of the traditional Irish music session? OK, I may have some ideas, but I should probably keep them to myself....

Alongside our many excellent articles, JMI is delighted to include in this issue listings of recent traditional Irish publications (CD, books, articles and serials) which have been provided by the Irish Traditional Music Archive. These listings will now be a regular feature of JMI, with each issue listing the traditional-music publications from the previous two months. I have no doubt that this new feature will be of interest to all those who are interested in keeping abreast of new recordings – and reissues of old recordings – not to mention traditional-music books and articles. Many readers will, no doubt, be struck by the sheer volume of activity.

JMI is very pleased to be co-operating with the Irish Traditional Music Archive in this initiative, and, in addition, it is our attention, from November, to provide a similar service in co-operation with the Contemporary Music Centre. Listings will be provided not only of contemporary Irish music recordings and books, but also of recent scores submitted to the Centre. JMI readers will, therefore, be kept up-to-date with all publishing activity in Irish contemporary and traditional music.

Finally, JMI has recently developed an on-line survey to help us gather the views of readers and we would be very grateful if you would visit our web-site ( and fill it out. It comprises just ten short questions and should only take a few minutes. Your comments will help us to make JMI an even better magazine. Thank you.

Toner Quinn

Toner Quinn is a traditional fiddle-player and editor of JMI.

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