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Continued from JMI July–August 2007

Works received April–August 2007
Ball, Derek, The Mischievous Boy, [2007], speaker, 2 tpt hn trb tuba; La chambre de Sarah, [2007], speaker cl vn vc; Finger Painting, [2007], pf; A Bit of a Disturbance, [2007], pf; Abyss, [2007], fl hn 2 vc; Qu’ils débordent, [2007], bn vc; Weird and Weird, [2007], satb, bvadg db; Saint Onuphris and Me, [2007], cl acc vn; Twenty-One Times Around, [2007], pf; Surrounded Now By Strangers, [2007], va-solo str.
Buckley, Linda, zone, [2006], pf.
Cullivan, Tom, Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano, [2005], vn vc pf. Farwestern Publications.
Davidson Ford, Grant, Helicotrema, [2006], cl va vc pf; The Last Days of Socrates, [2006], 2 S-solo, 2 A-solo, T-solo, B-solo, 2 fl 2 cl vc db hrp cel 2 vib 2 perc; 12, [2005], 2 vn va vc; The Gateless Gate, [2004], T-solo, tape; 10, [2004], 2 vn va vc; Parliament of the Birds, [2002], asax tsax tpt hrn bgui perc[dmkit]; Passengers, [2002], T-solo, 2 vn va vc.
Deane, Raymond, Hungarian Jewish Melodies, [2007], vn-solo va-solo vc-solo str; The Arrival of the Doll, [2007], S-solo, Bar-solo, 3233 3221 timp perc hrp pf str.
Dowling, Fergal, Stops, [2007], gui, live electronics; Ensemble, [2006], fl cl vn va vc db computer.
Farrell, Ciaran, Around and About, [2006], fl pf. Ciarán Farrell Publications; Meditations I, [2007], satb, ssax. Ciaran Farrell Publications; Meditations II, [2007], satb, ssax. Ciaran Farrell Publications; Meditations, [2007], satb, ssax. Ciaran Farrell Publications.
Flynn, Paul, The Caged Skylark, [2002], T-solo, fl pf; Mass, [2000], ssattb; Three Emily Dickinson Settings, [n.d]. Bar-solo, cl ob bn hrp pf vn va vc; A Light Shall Shine Upon This Day, [2003], satb org; O Eternal Trinity, [2006], ssatbb, org.
Guilfoyle, Ronan, Sonata for Solo Violin, [2007], vn.
Hamilton, Andrew, phrase for goran zivadinovic, [2006], tpt trb perc[2 vib] vc bgui pf; drei gesänge, [2007], S-solo, tpt.
Kelly, Mary, Deus Meus Adiuva Me, [2006], vn vc; Epigram 1, [n.d.], satb pf; Epigram 2, [n.d.], satb pf; Epigram 3, [n.d.], satb pf; Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho, [2007], sa pf; Missa Brevis, [2006], sab; Muire, [2006], Mez-solo, pf; Nollaig, [2006], Mez-solo, pf; Standin’ in de need of Prayer, [2005], sa pf; Stridin’, [2006], pf; Two Poems by Francis Ledwidge, [2005], satb; Weathervane, [2004], vn pf.
McAuliffe, Mary, The Fiddler of Dooney, [2006], satb, vn[trad] bodh.
McLachlan, John, Chop Chop!, [1998], pf. Royal Irish Academy of Music.
O’Connor,Neil, Block // Static // Mass, [2007], 1111 1311 org timp perc[marimba].
O’Farrell, Anne-Marie, Blessed are the Pure in Heart, [2007], hrp. Anne-Marie O’Farrell Publications; Take My Life and Let It Be, [2006], hrp. Anne-Marie O’Farrell Publications.
Parker, C. S. L., The Gondala sails neptune into the clearing, [2007], voice pf; Seraphim at Choga Zanbil, [2007], Mez-solo, ssaa, pf bgui perc [vib]; Clary Mastenbroek at the Temple of Choga Zanbil, [2006], S-solo, Mez-solo, ssaa, egui pf kbd bgui perc [dmkit] str; The mill keeper’s children dance for the faeries on the moon, [2007], egui pf synth; One Song for Una Palliser, [2007], Mez-solo, pf; Two New Castalia Quartets, [2007], 2 vn va vc; The Chestnut Bride, [2007], Mez-solo, pf; Forty Shillin’ Shame [2007[, pf; Amazon, [2003], 2 vn pf.
Rynhart, Dylan, Spin Cycle, [2006], Mez-solo, cl ssax asax tsax tpt trb vc egui org 4 speakers; Kitchey Shlock, [2006], ssax asax tsax barsax; Numb, Itch, Twitch, Scratch, Squeeze, [2006], cl vn vc; Natalis Musica, [2006], cl tpt vc org perc[dmkit]; Inside, [2006], gui vc bgui org.
Sarsfield, Donal, Piano Accord, [2005], pf[prepared] tape; Banff 27, [2006], bcl asax tsax hn; Madam Sargent’s Revenge, [2006], hrp; Independently Blue, [2005], 2 vn va vc; Be Bold, V, [2005], T-solo, 1001 1100 acc perc[crotoles, pebbles, toy woodpecker] 2 vn va vc.
Stalling, David, Study for String Quartet, [2004], 2 vn va vc db; En Trance, [2003], asax egui 2 va vc db live electronics; Dawn, [2005], 3133 2231 hrp pf vib str; Traffic, [2002], tsax hn vc db tape; Perils of Parallax, [2006], fl bcl tsax vn va vc db pf live electronics.
Wilson, Ian, HARBOURING, [2007], S-solo, Mez-solo, T-solo, satb[2 choirs], acc str. Universal Edition.
Wilson, Paul, Four Memories, [2006], 2 vn va vc computer; Without Words, [2003], perc[mar] computer.

CDs, May–August 2007
Various Composers, Fallen Leaves from an Irish Album, RTÉ lyric fm, 379CD.
Christy Doran, Acoustic Isles, Creative Works Records, 387CD.
Dylan Rynhart, New Hat, Fuzzy Logic Ensemble, 388CD.

Articles, May–August 2007
Grimes, Jonathan, ‘Interview with Paul Roe’, CMC website (

The fourteenth edition of the CMC publication Irish Composers: A Directory is also now available.

Listings provided by the Contemporary Music Centre. All materials are available to browse or listen to in the centre’s library at 19 Fishamble St, Temple Bar, Dublin 8 (for details see or phone 01-6731922).

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